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    Chris Confessore Powerlifting Routine

    Chris Confessore Powerlifting Routine i'm wanting to do this powerlifting routine for my fall/winter bulker but need some help modifying it more for bodybuilding.....i still want to cycle the reps on the power movements, but would like some ideas/changes from those who do both bodybuilding and...
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    Some FOOD for thought.......

    Some FOOD for thought....... so obviously i'm bored at work today and people watching in the office as well as the cafeteria/breakrooms and am really noticing how many fat or obese individuals there are in our normal lives we are surrounded by and a thought came to mind......if you can get a...
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    Difficulty breathing in warm temps?

    Difficulty breathing in warm temps? just wondering how many of you have this same problem that i do.....i have to leave the window open during the cold nights so the air is crisp enough to breathe.....when the heat is on or when it's warm i almost feel like i'm choking and gasping for...
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    Ufc 121

    Ufc 121 this coming weekend is UFC 121 only on ppv.... sick line up fellas, def a great fight you shouldnt miss!!! heres the card Preliminary cardHeavyweight bout: Jon Madsen vs. Gilbert Yvel Middleweight bout: Chris Camozzi vs. Dong Yi Yang Lightweight bout: Sam Stout vs. Paul Taylor...
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    last day of july pic (and yay carb meal cheat day!!!)

    last day of july pic (and yay carb meal cheat day!!!) just a upper body mirror's hard not to have these blury trying to hold your breath, pose, and take the pic all at the same time lol 13 more weeks to go!!!
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    your girlfriend's/wife's menstrual cycle

    your girlfriend's/wife's menstrual cycle have you ever noticed that whether you live with your girlfriend or not or are married that when she starts her cycle that you tend to get more emotional or edgy than normal also?.....i've been texting love messages all week alot more than...
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    Competitors: your worst cheat during precontest?

    Competitors: your worst cheat during precontest? so i'm not working tomorrow and still awake and decided to have an extra meal which is more chicken (had to douse with light italian though)......but looking thru the frig i see all this good food i'd normally gorge myself with and it made me...
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    6-25-10 18 weeks, 1 day out from my show
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    seriously......I think I'm going to shit my pants

    seriously......I think I'm going to shit my pants jalepeno sauce is great on my chicken......pickled jalepeno slices to snack on=non stop fart fest......uuuggghhhh
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    new pics 3-25-10

    new pics 3-25-10 weighed 194 this morning at 5'5"
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    How do you get motivated?

    How do you get motivated? How do you get motivated? today is legs.....normally i'd be doing my typical 1 heavy set per exercise and 4-6 exercises total for legs, but i'm switching up for the next few weeks doing 3 sets front squats,3 sets leg press, 3 sets seated leg curls, and calves today...
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    Why Ever Come Off Cycle?

    Why Ever Come Off Cycle? I've been thinking about this alot lately....I have no wife, no kids, i'm not worried about my reality we don't know the long term effects of steroid use and we only know the negative effects of steroid abuse of a few individuals that the media has blown...
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    F'n Timid Drivers

    F'n Timid Drivers seriously.....if you're too scared to drive faster than 10mph (uphill) because of a little bit of snow, then stay the F***'re the ones who cause road rage and accidents.....also why do you insist on coming to a complete 5 second stop at yield signs?.....hey stop...
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    final bulk pics before i start my diet taken 1-4-10

    final bulk pics before i start my diet taken 1-4-10 final bulked bodyweight 198 my highest was 210 right around thanksgiving
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    The "I'm F'n Bored" Thread

    The "I'm F'n Bored" Thread no other comments at this time....i'm just f'n bored....nothing on TV, it's my off day from the gym.....don't feel like eating girlfriend is at her families....not wanting to watch internet porn right now......another nap maybe?