Project Get Shredded 2021 - $160,000 in cash prizes!


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This is going to be the most EPIC contest NapsGear has ever run! NapsGear has NEVER done anything like this and it is going to blow everyone?s minds!

It?s been a few years since we ran our last Project Get Shredded contest. Competition was fierce! It?s time we got the ball rolling on the next one but it can?t be our normal, run-of-the-mill contest ? this needs to be something we will all remember!

NapsGear is collabing with our industry?s top performing pharma manufactures to offer a buffet of cash prizes that will electrify the community! With the combined $160,000 from NapsGear and the contributing sponsors, our first prize winner is going to take home $30,000!

Not a 350 lb shredded gorilla?! Don?t worry ? still enter the contest! There are 25 prize spots to win from!

Project Get Shredded 2021 is breaking new ground! No online contest has ever come close to something like this.

There are several reasons we bodybuild ? to be healthy, to live longer, to get laid, mental health, because our body demands it, and to be exceptional.

Whatever reasons you have, the way you achieve, or don?t achieve this, it will define you. Getting shredded is the ultimate reward but sometimes some motivation is needed to keep us going.

NapsGear isn?t going to train you, teach you how to eat, or kick your ass when you need it but we can offer something equally (IF NOT MORE!) motivating!

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Project Get Shredded 2021 is off to a great start! Applications are looking very promising. We are excited to see what you all bring to the competition!
Given the VERY generous donations from our sponsors, we wanted to give them a deserving shout-out to highlight their contributions!

Dragon Pharma $30,000

Para Pharma $25,000

Pharmaqo $25,000

Maxtreme Pharma $25,000

Deus Medical $10,000

BM Pharma $10,000

Scott Pharma $10,000

Geneza Pharma $25,000

As you can see, there were no small contributions. These sponsors spared no expense to give you guys the contest of a lifetime and contributed a generous amount to bring the total prize pool to a colossal $160,000!
This contest is a very big deal. Let’s motivate each other to get into the best shape of our lives and get paid for it! Let’s make this contest count! This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!
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The countdown is on!

Guys..! Only 2 Days left for registration of upcomming contest "PROJECT GET SHREDDED".

This is the great chance to win such a huge prize!

$160,000 CASH in prizes!

Don’t miss out, This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Go for it and register yourself!


(NOTE: As of June 5, 2021, the window for registration will close. We can not make any exceptions.)