How To Avoid Seizure Notices & Package Seizures


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How To Avoid Seizure Notices & Package Seizures

Don't risk losing those important packages you've been expecting in the mail! Learn the keys to ensuring your package delivery and security

f you aren’t one of the lucky Americans with health insurance and a friendly doctor, it’s very likely that you are going to secure your steroids by mail order via an overseas source. You’ll make your payment, preferably using a service such as Western Union. You’ll have it delivered to an address, preferably not your own and not under your own name. This package will pass through US Customs, and there is a chance it will be detected. This may be due to its source, or nation of origin. It may be completely random. It may contain a scent which is detected by machine or canine. It may leak. There is a wealth of reasons why some packages are flagged and others are not. Even if your package is not opened, it may be X-rayed to examine its contents. Once it is scanned, if it does contain ampoules of oil, there is a good chance you have just been caught. At this point, one of two things happens.

Best case scenario, the package is immediately seized. The federal agents make the determination that it isn’t worth their resources to tag and follow this package to try to catch you, or they realize the name is fake and they’re going to have a hard time assembling a case. For whatever reason, they will impound this package, and mail you a letter. This letter is called a seizure letter, and many overseas customers have received one at some point in their purchasing life. If and when you receive this letter, you have three courses of action. You can challenge the confiscation. If this is indeed a legal purchase and you have a legal prescription, you can get your package back. The second course of action is to ignore the letter.
This is what most people do, and rightfully so. After twenty days, you will have forfeited any right to the package without admitting any responsibility in its arrival in the United States. The package will be destroyed, and you will lose your money. But you will retain your freedom. The third course of action, one which is not recommended, is to accept the paperwork, check the box, sign the line, and agree to the confiscation. This is a risky move, as it will acknowledge your involvement with this shipment and in some way give the agents some evidence of your involvement. Signing anything is never advisable. It’s better to refuse to touch or sign anything, and play completely dumb. You never know who is watching you or videotaping your every move as that seizure letter is handed to you, and this could be used against you later in court.

Just because you ignore a seizure letter does not mean that you are done with this ugly episode forever. Government databases keep records of every seizure, and each additional one with your name on it places you higher and higher on their priority list. For intelligent buyers, their first seizure letter is their last, and they learn very quickly to find other means to secure their steroids. A mail watch can easily be placed under your name – in which every package that arrives with your name on it will automatically be searched. Be smart, and be careful!