$3.19 cost daily cycle on PMRoids here is how !!!


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Ok Guys I ran a test order using the 2K20 promo code

After adding 2 bottles of test prop to my basic order (there are several free choices including Clen, d-bol, winny)

The price for the cycle averaged out to $3.19 per day for a very freaking solid 10 week cycle.

Ordered from the WW shipping ULTIMA line

2 bottles of test cyp (2ml per week for 10 weeks)
1 bottle of Deca OR EQ (1 ml weekly)
100 tablets of Anadrol (oxy) take 2 a day 50 days kickstart
Freebies popped up
I added the test prop 20 ml
Add 1 ml 2x a week to the cycle

So for 10 weeks you end up taking weekly:

500 mg test cyp
200 mg test prop
250 mg EQ or Deca
100 mg oxy 50 days OR 50 mg a day for the whole run (you’ll have 30 leftover)

TOTAL after using the 2K20 promo code AND shipping was like $223 using Western Union


It’s easy to not see the promo code box, scroll to the bottom of each screen as you are placing the order and filling out the info before you click the “next step” button

View a product, + button to add quantity, save, “update cart” then hit continue shopping

Sometimes after you do that hit the back button on your browser and you’ll get right back to the list where you last “view product”

Need help? PM me! www.pmroids.cc

Happy shopping, try making a test order for yourself!