Pre Competition Pics for Spring '10


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Pre Competition Pics for Spring '10

5'9 and sitting in around 200lbs...

Not sure if I'm on my way to be ripped enough for the first show in March but definately competing in April

The wheels have come up alot but the only shots I got today were naked so I'll spare you all those pics..haha



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Fucking ripped as always. You should look real good on stage once your dialed in. Make sure to keep posting progress pics ! Good to see you back in it Juiced...


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Nice work as always. back shot is sweet:cool: I think you should be fine for march. Deff 100% for spring for sure


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where is your waistline? do you have one even?.....when i was a bantamweight i got mine down to 26.5" can't be too far off...even at your size


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BC your waist is so damn tiny your delts really pop. If you get that chest to thicken up a little bit your upper half will be phenomenal. You have some damn thin skin too, seeing fibers at that bf is pretty damn remarkable. Wide ass back too...looking awesome J2.


WTF. Did you seriously just say that you dont think you are ripped enough for March? LOL.


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You need to bring up your chest. Back looks really good.

Excellent conditioning.

I think you will place.



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Your pretty lean J2M, i think you could hit in the first show, i see faint lines in your chest, delts and back is coming in, your conditioning is alot better than i've seen before, you could get finished off and hard if you have a few more weeks