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Hey guys

New to the site looking for all the knowledge I can get... From supplements to contests diets. Been training about 10yrs finally decided to do a show. I'm two weeks into my diet High protein high fat.
Whole eggs, beef ,chicken, peanutbutter, almonds, olive oil. Iweigh 235lbs and I'm 5'11 @ 15%b/f


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Good for you bro, now that you've posted in the "members pics" section, I expect to see some pics ;)

If you need any help just post up bro...


I have a sneaking suspicion they're just pleas for sources. "Geez, I want to do X, Y and Z and I want to do it really, really, really fast." :rolleyes:
Yea I dont know, I have thought the same from alot of folks.


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wow that didn't take long for him to get his ass banned. be sweet revenge if whatever he got was FAKE. ;)


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LOL, why did he get banned at OLM?
Because he pissed me off on here. LMMFAO! Whatever, it's not like we're losing valuable insight to the board or anything. He's clearly a troll, so why even indulge it, you know?