CanadaPeptides oils available on Int warehouse


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CanadaPeptides oils added on international warehouse:
- test e
- test c
- test p
- sust
- nadro d
- Primo
- Tren A
- Tren E

I will upload HPLC lab results madden by us on all oils CanadaPeptides from this batch, I mention it previously that we made it at autumn same time when we do HPLC for Spectrum new batch. Do not post it previously as there was no reason in it bcuz on that moment products was not available fo sale on our website. Also in future we will bring CanadaPeptides oils (this same batch) to VIP warehouse.
Quality of this products is excellent. All products have packaging in beautiful boxes (on website photos of vials without boxes).
Quantity of this products limited, sure some of them will be out at 2-3 months already.