Blood pressure


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I have been taking test for about 8 years. I no longer take large doses but I currently take 250 milligrams every other week. In the last year I've begun having issues with my blood pressure. I take losartan by prescription along with coq10 and fish oil. Is there anything you can think of or have used as a method to reduce blood pressure. Thanks in advance.


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theres lot of stuff.
defiantly dont skip taking your bp meds. high bp is a slow silent killer. you dont want to skip days, it makes the bp ramp up and down.
lasix tabs is perscribed for high bp
celery is a natural bp helper.
i`m on lisinopril.


I think l-arginine helped me a little. And I swear after I started drinking 100% pure grape juice it started running a little lower.


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I have low blood pressure too, I'm 43, but I have in the past had that thumping in my head and chest. You're right to get it checked out and I'm sure it will be fine. The anxiety that comes with peri can be extreme and sometimes the body reacts with a surge of adrenaline which could very easily cause the symptoms too. I am sure everything is going to be okay love, get it checked and maybe discuss your symptoms while you're there? Please try not to worry, take it easy on yourself and try (imho)