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We are an american source and have been in the business since 1999 with the goal to provide the best products and high quality of service to people and athlets worldwide… All my life I have been a rat gym so I love my job!!
Along these years many obstacles has been overcome and now we are a profesional tean able to guarantee 100% success rate delivery of the best products (Pharma grade & UGL) with the same enthusiasm of 20 years ago..


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On 8/18/2020 at 2:46 PM, Brian8888 said:
What's going on brothers has anyone ordered from them? What kind of experience have they had and what kind of shipping is too be expected? Seems alittle odd to me to have a website and all like he does and offering domestic shipping, never seen that before. Maybe someone has dealt with him.

Thank you for your help brothers
Are you aware that he has been sourcing for something like 20yrs? When I first registered and logged on to elitefitness back in 1999 he was already a registered member. I wouldn't have any issue ordering from him, my situation is such that I am plugged in elsewhere and I don't have a need to order from him or any other int or hg gear source.
The one time I did order from him was back in 2006. He was sourcing in the private/vip source forum on the now defunct anabolicmuscle.co*. I was intrigued by the big jug of EQ dosed at a dose I had never used before; 200mg/ml. Its the same Peso Pesado brand he still offers today. Before his EQ I had only known EQ at 50mg/ml.
Nowadays if I'm going to run EQ I prefer to purchase as high a concentration per mg as I can find. An old AB source Damon offered it @500mg/ml.
Back to Aristimuquoh...I took delivery after 3 or 4 weeks if I'm not mistaken? Came from South America. One of the things I always like about him and its what I like about the guy I've been with the last few years(who was a source here at ab but isn't currently). He's one of us. He's actually MORE than me as far as living the lifestyle. He competed on stage at a high level.
For whatever reason that lends to his credibility in my eyes. He's not a D-RED who is only about our money and has only ever TAKEN from the Community. D-RED has never EVER given back. Whether through answering the questions of a noob or any other form of selflessness.
D-RED is all about the angles and what he can get from folks. Arimist has been part of the Community since its inception and helped make the Community what it is today.