Question: Do you use third-party testing?


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Third-party testing is when a manufacturing company sends its product to an outside, unbiased lab for testing to see if it meets the standards of the company, and to ensure that what is on the label is actually inside the product. Now, that is fine in the legal market where the manufacturer obtains legal quality certificates according to their results, these certifications are constantly monitored by the companies that grant such accreditations and even so, they cheat with that, what can we expect in an illegal market… where there is no such certificate, this is done only for marketing by the dealers so it would be not smart to trust in the results test made by the source itself, he could send real samples for the test and then sell cheap garbage instead (another way to scam). In the end, you have to make a test by yourself if you want to be sure…
Third party anabolic testing just became another big illegal business... and some BB forums sponsored by these illegal "labs" promote this practice as the best way to avoid crappy products, but this is just another form of scam. Third party test anabolics must be made by the consumer, made by the sources is a joke and you should know that particular source just wants to rip you off.


I'm old school I guess...I've done this long enough that I can pretty much tell if something is real. And even if it's at least close to the supposed dose. Definitely not scientific and I wouldn't expect others to base their decision on how I react but I can know enough to decide that I probably ain't dealing with that particular source anymore. Given enough time it's either working or it ain't. And if I have to say I kinda think it's working...then it probably ain't working.