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  1. Demigod

    Checking In......

    I'm surrounded by mountains. Miles and miles of hiking trails. Exercise and relaxation at the same time...
  2. Demigod

    Checking In......

    Cardio is something I need to focus more on once I get back in the routine...
  3. Demigod

    Checking In......

    I've been slacking lately but I'm about to get started back. Life got super hectic for a bit. I'll always love the iron though. It's my happy place.
  4. Demigod

    Question: Do you use third-party testing?

    I'm old school I guess...I've done this long enough that I can pretty much tell if something is real. And even if it's at least close to the supposed dose. Definitely not scientific and I wouldn't expect others to base their decision on how I react but I can know enough to decide that I probably...
  5. Demigod

    Checking In......

    Good to see ya still around brother....
  6. Demigod

    Napsgear Supplier Super Deal: Pharmaqo Labs

    Hell yes.....good stuff.
  7. Demigod

    Checking In......

    Hey bro...I was wondering when ya was coming back. But yeah I wish we could get this one going again.
  8. Demigod

    Checking In......

    Where y'all at goddamn it.....😁
  9. Demigod

    Summer Sale

    Good stuff....
  10. Demigod

    Welcome AVoGen Labs

    Did the var kick in bro? I'm sure it did. I've found the covex orals to be very potent.
  11. Demigod

    Welcome AVoGen Labs

    Quality product and service....
  12. Demigod

    How often you getting any?

    Wally must have finally fucked himself to
  13. Demigod

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on July 9, 2022...!

    Jump on this folks....good stuff.
  14. Demigod

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on July 2, 2022...!

    Great product, great service, great prices.....
  15. Demigod

    Comparing Yourself to Others Is Holding You Back

    Good reading bro....that's good stuff.
  16. Demigod

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on June 11,2022...!

    Quality product and service.....
  17. Demigod

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on June 04 ...!

    Good stuff.....
  18. Demigod

    Steroids: Why They Should Be Legal

    Good reading indeed.....