What pumps you up?


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What pumps you up?

Studies have shown that combining music and exercise gives your body a boost. What jams pump you up when you're working out?



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rock n roll....where is my rock n roll redneck buddy when i need him to post up some links?? yo!!! FTW post up some good shit to show this cat what we like to listen to when we are working out.


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Here's a portion of my selection:

-All That Remains
-Amon Amarth,
-August Burns Red
-Beneath the Sky
-Destroy The Runner
-Killswitch Engage
-Linkin Park
-LL Cool J - It's Time for War
-Vince Dicola - the "War" theme song form Rocky
-War of Ages

That's just a few, I like to change it up once in a while lol!