Scariest/Hilarious Moment Last Night at the Gym


Last night at the gym after working out back and arms I noticed my whole bottom of my forearm and bicep was black…I’ve been dealing with a strained ligament. (Tennis elbow) but nothing serious.

I was panicking hard when all of a sudden some older big black dude walked up to me and said “dude your arm is real black…that looks like a torn ligament/tendon, or possible complete muscle tear…how are you able to lift”?

I said it’s tinder but man I f’ed up this is a serious f’ing bruise.
It looked almost identical to that picture of Dorian Yate’s tricep tear only the serious bruising was lower on my arm spreading throughout to my forearm all near my “mild” strained ligament. (Tennis elbow). It made no sense as my mild injury is getting much better.

I cannot make this up…I forgot his name but he is an ex NFL player from the early 90’s and I’m not a huge football fan.

He told me to get to a surgeon quick.

I came home and prayed to Jesus to wash this injury away(and I am not really religious) …after that I looked in the mirror and man it looked completely screwed…then I noticed my fingers on my other hand had black spots…then I looked in the mirror and noticed my beard dye I put in my ghoatie before going to the gym…I got a warm towel with shampoo…and the “bruise’d F’ed up” looking injury wiped off…yes the beard dye dripped on my arm as I was washing it out and had dried…all close to where my injury is.
He kept repeating dude your arm is real black dude stop lifting now…I’m an ex NFL player I know that look and injury well and your arm is definitely torn…sorry man good luck.

He kept repeating “Real Black”…his exact words.
The Just for Men beard dye color I used was called “Real Black” lol

I’m working out with him tomorrow night I have to show him this beard dye with the words “Real Black” written on the box. I mean this is funny now…but at the time I was hyperventilating. I thought my arm was screwed for life…
My arm feels great now it was actually a decent workout…but still that was scary.

Thank you Jesus. 🙏 😆