PRIMOBOLAN (Methelonone) Pharmaceutical Grade


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Primobolan was one of the favorite compounds in the pre-contest cycles in '80s and '90s maybe it was one of the determinant factors in those shredded conditions, of course among others... Also one of the most convenient when designing cycles for women since it has high anabolic and low androgenic effects, Nowadays almost forgotten due to the huge of counterfeits, and ugl does not guarantee the real thing and the high cost of this stuff does not worth the risk... Bayer is one of the most known but also one of the most counterfeited when we have one pharma grade... There is a pharmaceutical company in Paraguay (South America) named Indufar, among their large line of pharma products, has a few anabolics as Methelonone, in the following video, this is how look legitimate one (this is just for steroid info purpose)...