Possible Vendor for future Cycle


I have not used any kind of gear in years and will be using some test, deca, and some anadrol in 2 to 3 Months. I may leave out the Deca but I have not decided yet.
I was thinking of going with their "Dragon Pharma International" brand.

I really like UG's prices and honestly anything with the word "Dragon" in it grabs my attention. ;) ...but I noticed they have a U.S. domestic option as well with the "Para Pharm" brand. I am in the U.S. so this may be a better option to use.

Anyone have any opinions on either of these 2 brands?
or is there another brand for Test Enanthate, Deca, or Anadrol someone can highly suggest trying out? Thanks in advance.

...this will be another 2 Months before I start stocking up on everything I will need for my long awaited classic bulker. :)

BTW I am so greatful for the invite to this forum it looks great. :)


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Dragon Pharma is always G2G and their Para Pharma is being raved about on other boards. You can't go wrong either way especially using UGF


Thanks everyone for the replies. I am excited to try out UGF's gear. :)!...especially some T Enanthate and decent Anadrol...Anadrol has always worked much better for myself compared to dbol. I am still debating doing Deca and I more than likely will. :)


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I havent used UGF in quite some time, but they have good stuff and their prices are pretty good.
Same it’s been literally around 5-6yrs since I’ve used UGFreak (Para Pharm).‘13 era...but the tren ace and test were incredible I recall. Very potent, great price point and at the time the method of incoming presents was super slick; or at least it impressed me, lol.


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Thank you all for your praise. We appreciate it a lot. We're always so happy to see people sharing their experiences and showing us, how much you enjoy our work. It satisfies us and has us keep going at that level. Thank you!

If you haven't used us for a while, we can tell you everything has ONLY gotten better. Treat yourself with some freakiness! We're only a click away and you'll have a smooth transaction at our website :)