New here..


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Thank you for the invite, I see a lot of familiar names here, Demigod, good to see you in action bro....


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Yes welcome to the forums. :) I recognize that username "DemiGod" as well. 😎
I feel ashamed that I have not been posting much of anything since I was invited here but that is because these past 2 Months have been an emotional rollercoaster for me and my family.
...the truth is that whenever I am back to working out like a madman and especially while on gear I am so much more active on the forums.
Not to sound cliche but this is the New Year and just finished my 3rd solid Week back at the gym and feel far better than I have prior. :) I have now started my New Year's resolution of just getting back addicted to the gym again.
So Happy New Year to everyone. :)


Welcome to the board brother...I recognize your name as well. Good to have you here. It's a little slow lately but there's some good folks here.