New 3 day out PROTOCOL


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New 3 day out PROTOCOL

Ok so I fucked up my last show and my carbs spilled over causing my legs to be smoother than swedes sweet ass! I point my finger at always having to "make weight" in my last shows and almost fasting on Friday vs. now eating 3k plus cals and having 800g of carbs and eating and carbing up like a mofo Saturday.

Cutoff water 2pm Friday after drinking less than a liter.
Aldactone-start thursday night
Lasix -Start Friday morning

Friday- Restrict Cals to about 1500 and carbs 250g
Yam in the morning, miday, and before bed along with snacking
on shredded wheat. Steak and PB before bed as well

Saturday- 6am Mcdonalds hotcakes with sausage
8am Few bites of chicken with a yam
10am 2 rice cakes w/ jam and PB
20mins before stage start carbing up with rice cakes and jelly.

I think that keeping my carbs much lower this time will prevent them from spilling over and pushing the water out of my muscles rather than when I over carbed and the sodium in the morning will also help to suck the water into my muscles and get me harder. Everytime I seem to have a meal high in sodium in between morning and night show I come in harder and tigher so why not have one in the morning before Prejudging is my theory on this.

Any thoughts or suggestions???


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I read an article once that Arnold brought Franco a pizza before going on stage before he won the Olympia.


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Lasix is if you mess up. hard posing helps get out some water as well. I'd use aldactone/ dyazide over lasix.

Friday should be protein and fat mainly. Carb up should be mostly done.

Use the natural PB or almond butter - regular PB has way too many chemicals - that's why you retain water.

"Carbing up" 20 min before getting on stage doesn't do shit. Just pop your blood sugar up a bit for posing and be done with it.

"Carbing up" should be complete by late thu/or early friday. After that it's maintaining your badass physique.

This is exaclty why so many competitors fuck things up. No plan, all panic.


juice has good advice but remember, everyone is different so what works for him may not work for you.

i disagree about the lasix, its very hard to gauge and too much you are fucked and will be smooth. i like tone and zide, both potassium sparing which is also safer too.

fri i cut water at 3pm and i start my load at the same time, i do NOT drink water during my load, if you do your retics right and load at the same time you should not spill.

i always suggest loading on foods that you have cheated with during your diet, for me it was steak, hamburgers, pizza, ect. i usually eat a meal oce every 2 hrs.

sat. morning is a big breakfast like he suggested, after that load on dense carbs, like donuts rice cakes with pb/jelly

peeps often get too creative the last week. just stick to the basics and dont listen to too many peeps advice, stick to one game plan