changing rep range?


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changing rep range?

how many of you guys switch up your reps? maybe the 15-20 then the 10-12 then down 6-8? or maybe hi reps for say 3 months then heavier weight in the 6 rep range. i usually just work in the 6-10 range on a constant basis.


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Im always changing what I do...Whether pyramiding to failure and adding weight or doing German vol traning type lifts to doing the regular 6-8 rep range- 3 sets type routine. Always shocking the body is what I find to work the best.

chip bronson

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same here. i use a variety of rep ranges in the same workout.

e.g. back workout

weighted pullups 5-6 reps
barbell rows 8-10 reps
partial deads 10-12 reps
cable rows 15 reps

i try to keep the low-rep sets to a minimum. i probably only do 2-3 of them. the rest is higher reps = saving my joints the beating. the intensity is certainly not lacking; just the wear and tear on the joints.


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i change my rep range day to day and even exercise to really depends on how i feel after my first few warmups......generally though wether offseason or precontest i still stay in the 6-10 range....lately i've been focusing more on the negative portion of each rep


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I break it up every couple of weeks. I'll pyramid for a while, then I'll go 2 warm up sets and right to max, then I may go high rep. But I always change up the routine as well as not to get bored.


I know this is an older post but I've been doing 100 rep sets lately and it's got me so damn sore.