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  1. phudecki

    Hey All

    Hey All I’m back Hope everyone is well and stayed in shape!
  2. phudecki

    M Freaky

    M Freaky yo you are a beast great work bro! saw over on olm i got alot of eatin to do to pack on some of that quality size!!
  3. phudecki


    me over summer
  4. phudecki

    question for u guys

    question for u guys by any chance do any of u guys eat whole food like sweet potato or rice with ur slin? seems like everyone has a carb drink but if u could eat whole foods would u? just curious been doin some research and i want to give it a shot have humalog was waitin till i finish my igf...
  5. phudecki

    M Freaky

    M Freaky dont go givin this olm thing to JA he is goin down. im takin this!!!!!!
  6. phudecki

    hgh ?

    hgh ? so im tryin to work up to 6 iu a day of rips an hyge from the man!!! was just wonderin from the guys who been in the game a while when u reach 6 do u split ur dose mornin an post workout or would u just do it all at once? just wanted to see what use guys think
  7. phudecki

    question on pics

    question on pics how can u upload pics when it says its too big? im bad wit computers
  8. phudecki

    to vicious cycle

    to vicious cycle hey bro how is everything going for ur show im interested in followin. i have never done 1 but am tryin to get some balls an give it a go and get good info from use guys here
  9. phudecki

    would this be overkill

    would this be overkill thinkin for my next cycle to do prop tren a and mast prop eod with maybe winny pills or in anyone elses opinion would the winny be overkill? not really looking for much gains in size tryin to keep clean diet and get harder an more veins. im alreadt low bf id say 10 maybe...