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  1. Preacher

    Test Flu?

    Test Flu? Hey guys its seems every cycle I get the flu, and its the exact same... Massive headache, throwing up, and soup ass..... Is it from the Test? I have tryied many diffrent brands.... I have it in my head that I dehydrate myself sometimes but i'm really starting to believe its the...
  2. Preacher

    Thinking about cheating......

    Thinking about cheating...... Not sure if its the extra weight the wife has put on or the test is finally getting to me..... The wife is getting closer to moving in with Grizzly if she keeps putting on weight. I'm still attracted to her and I love her but dam these younger hotter women that...
  3. Preacher

    Water while on

    Water while on Is water even needed while on D-bol?
  4. Preacher

    protein while on

    protein while on Is Protein as important while your on Test?
  5. Preacher

    Best to jump start a cycle

    Best to jump start a cycle Hey guys whats the best thing to jump start a cycle? Thanks
  6. Preacher

    Morning routine

    Morning routine Hey guys, question for all you that workout first thing in the morning, before work? What do you eat or drink before your workout? If anything... I work now from 7:30am to 7:30pm in Construction and i'm just too fucking tired to do it after work..... So i'm going to try it in...
  7. Preacher

    Hockey Canada Vs. USA

    Hockey Canada Vs. USA any takers...... Canada vs. US in the Olympics Ice Hockey.... Loser has to wear the other teams colours on there avatar for a week....
  8. Preacher


    Painfull Monday night I did an injection of test E 300mg/ml into my right ass cheek.... hour after I could really start feeling the pain.... Tuesday morning I could not walk because of the pain.... I was told this batch was painful but thought how bad could it be... I seriously sat on a heating...
  9. Preacher

    when on!

    when on! Hey guys when you "on" how do some of you guys go without jerking off or raping someone..... I am trying hard to control my "urges" but the longer I go without the more it consumes my everythought....
  10. Preacher

    New Employee

    New Employee I have been running my own drywall business for a few years now and have 5 employees. The newest one I hired via an employee saying he knows someone that really needs a job. sight unseen I gave HER a call and talked her on the phone and then asked her to come in. I knew she was...
  11. Preacher

    a shot of Test

    a shot of Test Hey guys what would one or two low shots of Test E do to the wife? thanks:D
  12. Preacher

    first tear

    first tear holly emotions batman...... I was watching fucking Armegedon last night and the part where Bruce Willis says good bye to his daughter, made a tear role down my cheek. Good thing was it was 1am and I was the only one up..... Now I have seen this stupid movie about 3 times and never...
  13. Preacher

    whats the need?

    whats the need? Hey guys, I understand the short esters to get your cycle started but other than Test whats the reall purpose of stacking? Does it get you bigger? make you faster? If Test makes you bigger, stroger by itself, why do you need other roids?
  14. Preacher

    Business Name

    Business Name Hey guys i'm starting my own business and need a name for it.... its for drywalling. Let me know Thanks....
  15. Preacher

    Worth a look

    Worth a look Check it out and tell me what you think....
  16. Preacher


    Gustavo77... Hey buddy where you at give me a hollar... Anyone heard from him at all?
  17. Preacher

    Abnormal Iregular heart beat

    Abnormal Iregular heart beat Hey guys, I was fighting a Hotel fire today and we have to report to Ambulance after every two air packs..... Well the paramedics found that I have an Abnormal iregular heart beat! They were very concerned, but I don't feel bad...... I continued on fighting the...
  18. Preacher

    Size matters

    Size matters Hey guys whats the best type of workout or workout styles that I should be looking at for gaining size..... I have completly changed my diet to accomodate my bulking schedule but am curius as to weights.... right now i'm doing a 4-5 day split every body part 3 sets 10-12 reps...
  19. Preacher

    want back on.....

    want back on..... fuck me I have been off now almost 2 months and really want back on.... biggest thing is my nuts still havn't droped..... I miss it....................
  20. Preacher

    FTW where are you?

    FTW where are you? Anyone heard from him in a while? how's he doing, whats he doing?........