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  1. Vicious Cycle

    SARMS Legislation

    SARMS Legislation Fucking bullshit!!!
  2. Vicious Cycle


    Fedor So, lucky punch against an aging vet or is he back?
  3. Vicious Cycle


    Sarms Anyone ever try these? I figured I'd give MK677 a go. Holy heck did it make me hungry!!!!
  4. Vicious Cycle

    I wonder.......

    I wonder....... I wonder how long this site will stay up due to lack of traffic. Shame really, this was one of my favorites stops. Really felt like I can trust most of the folks on here.
  5. Vicious Cycle

    Riddle me this.........

    Riddle me this......... As I understand it, HGH works (in part) because IGF-1 levels are raised in the body after the HGH has been broken down. And IGF-1 really just skips that part by introducing it directly. So, assuming that's true, why do people say that HGH can be done without cycling...
  6. Vicious Cycle

    What's the question?

    What's the question? To do another show or not, that's the question. I'm old, tired and my neck is still so jacked up that both of my triceps twitch. Still, I can't help but thinking....I came so close the last time. True, that was like 5 years ago, but I have stayed athletic. Uggg, the...
  7. Vicious Cycle

    BA content

    BA content The last few batches I have received are killing me! Red swollen and very painful. I ordered Filtered Cottonseed USP Oil-100ml from Research Laboratory Supply. My question is, do I HAVE to do anything else with it or since it's filtered, will I be good to just mix and go? Mix 2...
  8. Vicious Cycle

    Rhonda Rousey hate

    Rhonda Rousey hate Is all the Rhonda Rousey hate deserved? The very fact that Rhonda is on the cover of Ring Magazine shows the levels at which the media was set to over hype her skills. Is that her fault, no. She did buy into it however and that is her fault. Those of us that were never on...
  9. Vicious Cycle

    Is it just me

    Is it just me Is it just me or do people on the boards just seem more argumentative? Like they are ready to go at it over literally nothing. Maybe I'm just getting old.
  10. Vicious Cycle

    The Money Pit

    The Money Pit Anyone remember that movie. That's my life right now. Wifey and I decided to, after 10 years, put some money into the house. New Brazilian koa hardwood flooring Mount TV above fireplace New Klipsch sound bar New double french doors to deck New sectional L-shaped furniture New...
  11. Vicious Cycle

    Summer Plans

    Summer Plans Anyone have big summer plans? We are remodeling the living room and taking a cruise :D
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    Hey How the Hell is everyone!
  13. Vicious Cycle

    Fuck Christmas

    Fuck Christmas That is all!
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    Micro I'm not up on all the latest gossip, but did Micro really get banned from Outlaw? I never had much interaction with him, but he always seemed like a knowledgeable guy.
  15. Vicious Cycle

    to go or not to go

    to go or not to go So should I drive 3.5 hours one way to a jiu-jitsu tourny or no.
  16. Vicious Cycle

    My back

    My back My frickin back. 2 epidural shots L5 and S1. Crap is useless. :mad:
  17. Vicious Cycle


    Elbows Is there anything, besides deca, that I could take to help with joint pain?
  18. Vicious Cycle

    Happily Married

    Happily Married I hear so much complaining from people about their spouses - I was just wondering if anyone besides me is just happily married.
  19. Vicious Cycle

    2 hours sleep

    2 hours sleep Watched the NFC Championship game got 2 hours sleep and then called into work. I'm fading bad.
  20. Vicious Cycle

    How mad

    How mad How mad have you got over something/someone online? And what did you end up doing? I got really fired up this weekend and I feel, even though I was right, a bit like a tool. I mean it culminated with me driving over to his house (at his request) and ready to throw down! I made a...