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    Halloween Why do i feel like i should be doing something tonight but im not.....
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    Nfl Starts Tommorow

    Nfl Starts Tommorow Glad its back, lets get some superbowl predictions. I'm going with the Packers vs. Ravens
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    Summer plans

    Summer plans Anybody got any summer plans, vacations, visiting relatives, hanging out meeting babes lol or something like that... I haven't done a thing since my last contest, i've just been crusing working and training a bit, eating, but nothing spectacular, dealing with more issues than...
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    Heat Wave

    Heat Wave Damn its hot here, i walk and i sweat!
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    Phillies down 3-1

    Phillies down 3-1 This series really turned around fast, game 1 Phillies looked great, since then not so good. I think maybe a Philly win tonight, then Yanks in 6. Anybody interested in this series, thoughts
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    Facebook Any of you guys do this?, i figured what the heck i'll join,i know awhile back, someone posted up a thread about this.....
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    Most Muscular

    Most Muscular Hands on hips, April show
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    Micheal Vick released from prison

    Micheal Vick released from prison Who thinks this guy deserves another chance, thoughts?
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    back shot

    back shot From april show
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    Who's off today?

    Who's off today? I am and not doing a damn exciting thing.
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    Biggest Loser

    Biggest Loser Anyone watch the show?, some big tubbies on there
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    New Years Eve

    New Years Eve So whats everybody doing, i have a night of eating mexican food and watching the ball drop on TV, i know that's pretty cool:rolleyes:
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    Detroit Loins

    Detroit Loins really suck,,,why can't we get a new team for the early game.
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    Mini-me gets pussy?

    Mini-me gets pussy?
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    win i took a 1st in Men's lightheavy novice, since the show i have been jamming any type of food i can get into my mouth :)
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    Superbowl XLII

    Superbowl XLII lets here some predictions: I'm going with the upset , i think that if the Giants win ,it will be the greatest upset of all-time, or if the Pats win it will make history, very interesting scenario, i hope this is a close game: Giants 31-Pats 30
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    Superbowl Xli.5

    Superbowl Xli.5 Who's gonna be Pats or Colts? I got colts 34-31, main reason, the are the fastest team on their own turf and almost unstoppable with home field.
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    New Diet starting tommorow

    New Diet starting tommorow After i gorged at the all inclusive resort, and put on probally 7-10lbs..... I'm going to go: 225-250 protein 175-200 carbs , and no fat in the diet maybe red meat 1x this week Cardio 3x a week eliptical 20mins 2 fast ,1 slow I'm at 199lbs , which isn't bad , but i...
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    Vacation Going to Jamacia for a week in an all-inclusive resort,leave sat , i'm might have to try some that jamaican stuff:)
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    Nfl Sunday Ne Vs Dal

    Nfl Sunday Ne Vs Dal Ok, lets here the predictions: I got Pats 31-30