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  1. elitet34

    Seasons Greetings

    Seasons Greetings Hey fuckers. Miss yall. Hope everyone is doing well !!
  2. elitet34

    Steve....where are you sweetie ?

    Steve....where are you sweetie ? Yeah so I dont appreciate you just ignoring my texts after that long, semi-weird conversation the other night. Come back :(
  3. elitet34

    New back pic..

    New back pic.. This was taken thursday morning as soon as I woke up. Just trying to clean up my diet but still put on some muscle. Ive been struggling to add more thickness to my back but I think its improving from the past. Nothing special.
  4. elitet34

    I love my AVY !

    I love my AVY ! :) How the hell did you get that pic of me when I was looking to take a mean shit !!!!!!!!
  5. elitet34

    Happy Festivus

    Happy Festivus Do not know weight at the moment, havent stepped on a scale in a few. Sloppy, fat, and my diet has been fucked for the past few weeks due to work giving me crazy hours. But, thought I'd throw a pic up for my buddy -MU- :D . Damnit we still dont have the 'kissing' smiley face...
  6. elitet34

    Who is this ?

    Who is this ? Is this pic real ? If so, who is this ?
  7. elitet34

    Go Cowboys

    Go Cowboys GO COWBOYS !! Damn, two days without a post in the General section ? WHAT GIVES, MEN !? Who do ya got tonight....Cowboys or Eagles....lemme hear it....come out come out all you Cowboys haters...:p :p
  8. elitet34

    MFreaky didnt get his chicken nuggets in time....

    MFreaky didnt get his chicken nuggets in time.... Holy shit ! Someone caught Freaky gettin pissed at a McDonalds....LMFAO
  9. elitet34

    Aliens !

    Aliens ! Trippy stuff man.... Bring it on fuckers...come on down !!!!
  10. elitet34


    Thick Thick, your avatar is awesome. Fuckin HOT !
  11. elitet34


    Karch You're a brave man, posing like that for your own avatar.....:D
  12. elitet34

    Plump and Juicy...

    Plump and Juicy... Well, since you guys want to post up your ripped ass pictures, here's mine. :p This is now, 5'9 and about 235 lbs. Enjoy, be careful, because im so bloated some water might spill out of your computer screen :p
  13. elitet34

    Ross banned at OLM...LOL

    Ross banned at OLM...LOL So, is this a permy ban or just a temporary annoyance for him ? I just got a chuckle when I was reading a thread and saw, "banned" under his name. LOL
  14. elitet34

    Swollen/Numb hands from HGH, normal ?

    Swollen/Numb hands from HGH, normal ? Hey guys, I just recently started GH at 6 ius a day, 7 days a week. Its been about 3 weeks, and I can feel my hands numbing out during the day.... But...yesterday morning I woke up, and my hand looked kinda wierd..not like it usually does when it feels...
  15. elitet34

    Homicide - suicide

    Homicide - suicide A few days ago, in a town a few miles from me, a husband blew his wifes head off with a shotgun, and then as the police entered the home, he blew his off as well. Sickest thing is, the two very young children were in the house while it all happened. I cant imagine what...
  16. elitet34

    Hey D-RED, any articles lately ?

    Hey D-RED, any articles lately ? I miss the articles that he posts. Its like hes the man behind the curtain...youll never hear his voice....but he speaks....through the articles....hes a creeper. Anyways, who here has USED Halotestin ? Im becoming more and more interested with powerlifting...
  17. elitet34

    Optimum Nutrition's, 'Oats & Whey'

    Optimum Nutrition's, 'Oats & Whey' I recently read up on one of ON's new protein/MRP supplements, called 'Oats & Whey'. One scoop has 200 calories, 22g Carbs, 24g Protein, and only 1.5g fat. Looks decent for as a protein/carb supplement, and Ive always been a fan of ON's products anyways. Just...
  18. elitet34

    Time to BULK...(Diet inside)

    Time to BULK...(Diet inside) Hey guys, Its bulking time again :D . Im around 203 lbs right now. Looking to put on some decent size during the off-season. Im taking this week off from training to give the body sometime to heal and rest. Im still eating pretty decent, no junk really. Just...
  19. elitet34

    Tony Romo out 4 weeks...

    Tony Romo out 4 weeks... This is fucking great. Theyre already sucking ass. Now TR is out 4 weeks with a damn broken finger. Whatever. Bring on the Cowgirls flames :mad: :mad: :mad:
  20. elitet34


    Bloated Hey guys, Its about 8:30pm and Ive just about downed 2 gallons of water for today. I feel bloated as hell, im assuming this is normal ? Ill be continuing and taking in atleast 2.5 gal a day untill thursday. While taking herbal diuretics. Just wanted to make sure this is normal due...