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  1. Demigod

    Spectrum Pharma tablets in stock on USA warehouse

    Awesome....good stuff.
  2. Demigod


    I'd like to get a few more. Wife says it's a midlife crisis. Actually I've been wanting more for years so it's really just me putting shit off for years more than a midlife crisis.
  3. Demigod


    I got a couple...been wanting to get a few more. Who all's tatted up?
  4. Demigod

    February samples and specials

    Good deal....
  5. Demigod

    Big update of tablets on Inernational warehouse!

    Good stuff here...
  6. Demigod

    Roid Rage

    Didn't they try to blame roid rage on the Chris Benoit ordeal?
  7. Demigod

    January samples and specials

    Good stuff....
  8. Demigod

    Roid Rage

    If anything being on a good cycle put me in a better mood. I'm not saying there's no such thing as roid rage. Just I've never really experienced it.
  9. Demigod

    Roid Rage

    Is this a thing of the past now? I never hear about it anymore. I always felt like it was bullshit anyway but it seems to have gone away.
  10. Demigod

    New here..

    Welcome to the board brother...I recognize your name as well. Good to have you here. It's a little slow lately but there's some good folks here.
  11. Demigod

    Videos and photos from ZPHC manufacturing

    Beautiful..... good stuff.
  12. Demigod

    Current Cycles...

    I've threw a little dbol in with my test recently.
  13. Demigod


    Awesome deal....good stuff.
  14. Demigod

    Always did right by me

    One of the best around....
  15. Demigod

    Blood pressure

    I think l-arginine helped me a little. And I swear after I started drinking 100% pure grape juice it started running a little lower.
  16. Demigod

    The Mandalorian

    I got the Disney Plus app....I'm sure it can be found for free somewhere online.
  17. Demigod

    The Mandalorian

    Any Star Wars nerds here? This show ain't bad for what it is.
  18. Demigod

    Paper 'roids...

    I got mine from the 'cat....the doses where a little inconsistent but they worked.
  19. Demigod

    Hi there fellas!

    Great to have you here brother....
  20. Demigod

    Welcome AVoGen Labs

    It's about time....great to see you here.