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    Roll Call

    Still here. OLM member as well/ It’s been a rough few Months but I am still relieved to know this place is still open. I am sorry for not posting but the truth is I really do not post when I am not really training hard like I usually do or when not taking some kind of gear. Please leave this...
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    Roll Call

    I am here again. 😎 I i’ve been dealing with some pretty harsh depression dealing with personal family matters, I stayed out of the gym for three months… I realize that was pretty dumb regardless of whether or not I was depressed or not. It only took me 2 weeks to get back into the swing of...
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    Checking In......

    okay cool got in touch with Admin and managed to create a new password so that I can log in with this original account. :) Not to sound depressing...but I took a whole Month off from the gym and now I am back and feel great. I never want to see this forum disappear ever. I feel very guilty for...
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    Checking In......

    I am here now guyz. I am just happy that our gyms are back open. Yes I hope these boards pick up again.
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    I bought one of those “Ninja” blenders and nothing too special here but I buy those bags of mixed fruit the kind with grapes, strawberry’s, peaches...the frozen bags and add half of a banana...then one thing of Vanilla yogurt...then 1 cup of apple juice but not that any apple juice...I use...
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    I’m okay. I feel and already look far better than I did even just a Month ago...I will be running a cycle early next Fall...I guess I just wanted to start being a part of this awesome brotherhood and thought admitting what I am would make me feel closer. 😎
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    Old reply here...but there is always ass. 😋
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    I got a tribal band around my bicep when I turned 20 like 20 years ago, lol Honestly it held up nice and looks decent considering how much bigger my arms have gotten with it...but it is a damn tribal band. I am thinking about completely blackening it in and adding something to my shoulder. I am...
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    Sorry...I had a very bad night and posted some stuff I regretted after...I do not want to give anything away about what it was but it had something to do with me being gay.😔 Thank God I was able to delete all that before anyone saw it!!! 😱
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    Roll Call

    Still back training seriously a little over a Month ago. I managed to get myself pretty hooked on Kratom (which is actually wonderful stuff) but I really started abusing it and the kratom started taking me out of the gym (about a 2 and a half Month lay-off ...pretty much right after...
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    New here..

    Yes welcome to the forums. :) I recognize that username "DemiGod" as well. 😎 I feel ashamed that I have not been posting much of anything since I was invited here but that is because these past 2 Months have been an emotional rollercoaster for me and my family. ...the truth is that whenever I am...
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    Roll Call

    Thank you I am so happy to have been invited here. I cannot wait for my next has been years so I have those nice fresh receptors. :) This is the perfect forum to be a part of especially for that particular reason. Getting back in the gym consistently again was the best decision I...
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    Possible Vendor for future Cycle

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I am excited to try out UGF's gear. :)!...especially some T Enanthate and decent Anadrol...Anadrol has always worked much better for myself compared to dbol. I am still debating doing Deca and I more than likely will. :)
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    How often you getting any?

    Up until a few Weeks ago I was getting it like 3 to 4 times a day!! Everyday! This chick was a nympho. She turned lesbian on me and we broke up and honestly the fact that I have not been getting any lately is also the fact I have so much more energy and am back in the gym so much more. HAHA I...
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    Roll Call

    I just signed up as I got an invite through a PM from the OLM forum by Admin and this place looks awesome. :) ...perfect timing too because I will be ordering some gear in a couple of Months and am back lifting on a regular basis again. I feel great again. I am really looking forward to seeing...