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    pictures and tshirts

    pictures and tshirts If i want to make t-shirts with peoples pictures on them what are the legal ramifications? example if i printed and sold shirts of the presidents face could i get in trouble? I understand that the picture could be someones property but what if it was a drawing?
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    introduction pics from july2009

    introduction pics from july2009 Here's a few pics of me, critique if you want. These are from last summer I've added some decent size to my legs and to my overall frame since then I'll post up more after my current cycle. I'm skinny I know but eating like a horse and trying to pack on as much...
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    new here

    new here I came here bc i saw it on m freaky's signaturer over at OLM and wanted to check it out, seems like a lot of my brothers from outlaw are already here. I'll b popping in on occasion if you fellas don't mind